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EPSOM & UTICA by Faye Ashton

Happy Congratulations to all the graduating students from grade 8 to grade 12 and higher education. Graduating without being together makes this milestone event less exciting. To each of you, we shout Horray for an amazing accomplishment.

Keep Doris Armstrong in your prayers as she receives ongoing care at Uxbridge Cottage Hospital.

The Canadian Foodgrains bank project has planted 70 acres of soybeans, on three plots, in the Epsom-Utica area. Sincere thanks to Pioneer (Jim Roefs), Monsanto (Bill Huitson), Maizex (Chadd Taylor), Alliance Agri Turf and the diligent farmers Brian Kerry, Carl Evans, Shawn Parrish, Rob Ashton and all who have contributed financially. And to anyone I might have missed thanking you for your contributions toward this world project. I believe this is either the 37th or 38th year for this mission.

We’re looking for rain to get the beans and all other crops moving ahead.

The second shots of the covid vaccine are moving quickly now, and it’s so convenient to get it right here in our own towns. I hope the worst part of this will be over, and we’ll be back to visiting family and friends again.

Congratulations to the town of Port Perry as you celebrate 150 years and all your amazing accomplishments. Even though we sit on the outskirts of this town, many of us walked the halls of Port Perry High School for several years. And naturally, the sidewalks too, at lunch hour.

The date on the upper front of Utica United church is 1871. This means it, too, has served this beloved community for 150 years, bringing the word and love of God to its residents. Blessings.

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