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EPSOM & UTICA by Faye Ashton

Our communities were so fortunate not to be included in the tornado that blew through the region on Thursday. Our prayers go out to those severely hit in the Zephyr, Little Britain, and Barrie areas, as your lives have been turned upside down. Time heals and rebuilds, and the love of friends and neighbours will encourage you to go on.

Driving north from Epsom Village toward the 8th concession, you will notice an awesome new sign on his property at Art Powell’s home. A large log sawing blade proudly displays the photo of Art Hamilton’s threshing machine and the McCormick Deering tractor used to run the thrasher, bought by Art Powell several years ago. The inscription tells us the date the Powell family moved to the Epsom area in 1948. An amazing tribute to the hard-working farmers in times past.

We missed congratulating Dorothy Brown Gerrow, who recently became the Deputy Mayor of Hasting Highlands. Dorothy is the daughter of Vera and Bill Brown, who lived and raised Dorothy and Charlie in Utica. Vera was also the long-time correspondent for this news column. Congratulations Dorothy. I know you are doing a super job for your area.

What a beautiful honour to celebrate the 95th, for Dorothy, and 92nd, for Jean, birthdays of two sisters born on the same date, July 15th. Dorothy Munro, who has lived in Epsom since her marriage to Ray 70+ years ago, and Jean were serenaded at daughter Betty’s home. We wish each many years of birthday wishes and happiness.

July 15th was also special for our beautiful singer/songwriter Hayden Kerry. Hayden celebrated her 23rd birthday with love and best wishes from family and friends. Happy Birthday, Hayden.

Granddaughter Hayley loves farming. Congratulations on placing 2nd at the East Gen virtual competition in the senior division and 2nd overall for her TicTok entry. Great young farmers in the making.

Keep well, and I hope everyone will soon be double vaccinated.

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