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EPSOM & UTICA by Faye Ashton

This Sunday at 10 a.m., you are welcome to join the congregation at Epsom Church to celebrate Thanksgiving. This is truly a season to gives thanks, especially for the beauty and bounty of this earth.

On October 2nd, an awesome get-together took place on the lawn at the home of Betty Somerville, Seagrave, when six Epsom Public School girls from years 55-57 became reacquainted again. Diane Card Benns, Trudy Brawn Empringham, Linda Geer Kendry, Denise Payne Marchand, Betty Munro Somerville and Francis Andrews Taylor enjoyed the afternoon reconnecting. During the reunion, classmate Jewel Dawn MacCannel, Shelburne, Ontario, connected with each of them via a conference call. What a beautiful and emotional afternoon as some had not shared time (60 years) since school days.

Happy Anniversary to Neil and Rose Evans and Len and Betty Somerville on Thursday, October 7th, who share the same date as Keith and I. I can’t believe how time flies. For all the celebrations for the month of October, I hope yours is the best. I look forward to sharing your news. Please forward it to

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