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EPSOM & UTICA by Faye Ashton

All are welcome to Epsom United Church this Sunday, October 24th, at 10 a.m. Masks and social distancing are still in place as we worship together. The brick church in Utica has stood for 150 years, gathering a congregation to worship. A wooden church was built east of the village around 1843, and the community worshiped there until the present-day church was built in 1871. Initially, the church was connected with Prince Albert and, in 1876, became the Reach circuit with Epsom and Greenbank. In 1884 the circuit became Bethesda/Epsom/Utica and remained so until 1955 when Bethesda church closed. In 1966 Epsom/Utica was amalgamated with Goodwood, and in 1972 Lemonville and Ballantrae were added, forming the Bugle charge. In 1976 Utica/Epsom and Goodwood became a unit until 2018 when Goodwood continued on its own. Like many others around, this church once had an active congregation with Sunday school, a choir, and church services each Sunday. The church building has also been a recording studio as the acoustics are excellent. Anyone wishing to rent it for such a use may do so. Happy 150th Anniversary Utica United Church, where so many memories and joyous occasions took place. I believe Kate Crosier wrote about happenings at the Utica Church, and I would like to know if someone in the area has this history of Kate’s.

Happy belated anniversary to Scott and Beth Wilson, who celebrated recently. Happy belated birthday to Carter A., Katie J., Grace E., JudyC., Rob A. Ericka W., and Hayley A., and to all who are celebrating this month of October, a special day is wished for you.

Our deepest sympathy to Katelyn and Jack Skidmore, whose father passed away on October 11th. Jack and Katelyn have lived on Medd Road for several years. We offer our comfort and prayers to you.

Our 60th wedding Anniversary was a beautiful memory. Our son Rob arranged a neighbour get-together on Thursday, and a family reunion was held on Saturday to celebrate the occasion, all in the implement/wedding shed. Thanks to everyone for the beautiful wishes and cards sent.

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