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EPSOM & UTICA by Faye Ashton

A special service took place at Utica United Church, as Families and relatives joined to play tribute to those who have gone before. Linda Hunter provided special music on the piano, and George Timms’ voice thrilled us with “When the Roll is called up yonder” and “Put your hand in the hand of the One from Galilee”. Thanks also to Rev. Edith Ann and all those who prepared the church for this service. We are so blessed to have this church in our community to gather as one remembering body.

The community sends their sincere sympathy to the family of Clarence Wilcox, who passed away on Thursday, June 9th. The Wilcox family has lived south of Utica for many years, and Clarence has welded items for many of us in this area.

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to all residents in our community who are celebrating in June. We wish each day will be extra special and with lasting fond memories.

Thanks to Hayden Kerry and her guitar, who provided two beautiful solos entitled “Love grows here “and a collage of favourite hymns at this past Sunday’s Service.

Come and help celebrate Fathers’ Day under the leadership of Rev. Edith Ann at Epsom UnitedChurch this Sunday, June 19th, at 10 a.m. A lite lunch will be part of the after-service fellowship.

Please send news items to or call 905-852-5389.

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