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Epsom & Utica by Faye Ashton

The beautiful month of June has given us good growing weather for the farmers' fields and everyone's manicured lawns. Rain was an unwelcome guest interrupting Saturday's Canada Day festivities, though.

What will July bring? Will the sky be clear for us to enjoy the full moon "buck" on Monday, or will we still be in a haze, smoke infused of the last few days?

To all the birthdays, anniversaries and other special celebrations this month, we wish you many pleasant memories that will be made and shared.

Recently, at the Ashton Farm, the 4H beef, sheep, and dairy clubs came together to share an amazing experience of leading each other's animals. The evening was concluded with pizza for students and parents too.

We are so happy to report Cole Wooton is making a gradual recovery from his recent motorbike accident.

Congratulations to Lisha Van Neiuwenhove, who won two prestigious awards at the International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors held in Reno, Nevada. Lisha won a Golden Dozen Award for outstanding editorial writing and the Hazel Brannon Smith Scholarship. Lisha is the publisher of the Uxbridge Cosmos, and from this community you live in, we congratulate you on an amazing accomplishment.

Thank you to Herrelea Farm for hosting the Ontario County Twilight meeting this past Friday evening. Dairy farmers and friends enjoyed all the evening activities with the band "Cash on the Barrel," entertaining the entire evening. It turned into quite a birthday party for Howie too.

Our condolences to the Anderson Family, Bill, Shirley and Tom (formally of Medd Road), on the recent passing of sister Marie.

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