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EPSOM & UTICA by Faye Ashton

Wow, September, beautiful September. Cooler nights and warmer days make living easier.

Saturday’s near-perfect day encouraged 30 plowmen and women from Wolfe Island, Ottawa area, Kingston, Kawartha Lakes, and the wider Port Perry and Uxbridge area to strike out and plow the straightest furrows and land in hopes of doing the same at the International Plowing match later in September. Three teams of horse-drawn plows wowed the many spectators who came to see how things used to be done.

It’s become traditional for the 4H dairy club to come together on our front lawn for last-minute instructions, judging tips and just spending time together. Last Wednesday evening saw the youths’ final preparation before they headed to the fairs. When you read this, Port Perry 2022 Fair will be in the history book, and Uxbridge will look forward to their weekend Fair on September 9th, 10th and 11th.

Congratulations to all who are celebrating birthdays and anniversaries and starting new careers this September. May each celebration be extra special, and may you feel loved and appreciated.

One birthday to mention in person is our lovely Doris Armstrong, who will turn 98 on the 10th of September. Doris has touched many lives during her 40-plus years as a custodian at Epsom Public School some years back. Many students from a while back will remember Doris. You’re special, Doris, and we all send birthday greetings and love to you.

We are still needing rain desperately on Medd Road. We watch and listen to thunder around us but always beyond our reach.

Be cautious, everyone, as covid-19 is still quite prevalent in our area. Thinking especially of our school students and teachers too. Be safe and keep well.

Any comments or news items can be sent to Each submission is much appreciated.

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