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Epsom & Utica

By Faye Ashton

How can it be that July is over? Was it all the rain and dreary weather which made us lose track of time?

On our farm, we have tallied 124 mm of rain, probably the most we’ve received in many years because we’ve gone through some really dry summers lately.

Tuesday marks the first day of August, and it is also the full moon, called Sturgeon because the sturgeon fish were most frequently caught in the Great Lakes at this time of year, but there’s another full moon on August 30th called blue moon, because it happens once in a blue moon.

It’s worth a drive to Uxbridge to view the floral display at Rutledge Jewellers. It is breathtaking! As is the beautiful array of flowers adorning the Otter home.

Wishing all our friends celebrating a birthday or anniversary this month the very best of health and happiness.

There is no church service at the Glen next Sunday, but the following Sunday, August 13th, the group Reflection will share their musical talent with everyone. Church time is 7 p.m.

Epsom will have a church service on August 20th, with Rev. Edith Ann presiding.

Enjoy all this month of August has to offer.

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