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Enjoy Great Music at Take The Bite Out of Hunger Fundraiser

KAWARTHA LAKES: Kawartha Lakes Food Source encourages you to reserve your tickets now for ‘Take A Bite Out Of Hunger’, a private evening of live music and culinary treats. “The event will feature both great music and great food,” said Heather Kirby, General Manager of Kawartha Lakes Food Source.

Take the Bite out of Hunger takes place this October 3rd at Hobart’s Steakhouse in Lindsay. Reserve your tickets now, because the event promises to be an enjoyable outing. Musicians Bob May and Mike Arthurs will entertain event-goers with some classic “British Invasion” and contemporary “Americana” stylings that are likely to have you humming or tapping your toes to the beat.

Bob has been an active supporter of community causes in Kirkland Lake, where he was an educator, and in Lindsay since he relocated here 20 years ago. He once helped raise $7,500 for a Northern Ontario food bank. Bob stated, “It feels good to support local efforts to help feed people in need.”

He has operated a digital recording studio in both communities. His studio in Kirkland Lake once recorded a young Eileen (Shania) Twain before she launched to international fame. An active songwriter too, Bob’s compilations have earned him acknowledgments on a few fronts.

Fellow musician Mike Arthurs joked, “Bob will lend his vocal talents to the evening festivities, while I will keep him in check with some warbly harmony.” He added, “I play bass, while Bob switches between acoustic and electric guitars. He may even play a little harmonica, but regardless of the instruments we’re looking forward to having some fun that evening.”

100% of all after cost proceeds will go to fund local food source programmings, such as donor education, community outreach, and partnering initiatives.

Kirby added, “We’re pleased to have the support of talented musicians. Hobart’s Steakhouse will supply the menu, venue, staff, and other support for the second year in a row.” The restaurant will be closed to regular dining reservations or walk-ins that evening to ensure a great experience for everyone.

More information about Take the Bite out of Hunger and its programming is available at

About the Kawartha Lakes Food Source

Kawartha Lakes Food Source is a distribution center that procures and distributes food to 35 agencies, advocates for food security and poverty-related issues, and collaborates with the community to support those who do not have enough. Located at 41 George St W, Lindsay.

About Hobart’s Steakhouse

Hobart’s Steakhouse was established in April 2000 in Lindsay, Ontario. Hobart’s Steakhouse food and atmosphere is designed to provide an unforgettable experience serving premium quality steaks and dishes in a casual upscale environment. Hobart’s guests are treated to exceptional food, atmosphere, and service whether for lunch or dinner.

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