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Our community has lost a good samaritan this past week. Todd Burgess was taken from us doing what he does best, helping others. Todd always had time to talk to people and lend a listening ear. I knew him from many coffee shop conversations, over the years. It was clear he was concerned with people getting to their destination safely. I encouraged him to include God in his life and reminded him that Christ is just one breath away to be his helping hand, while he helped others. My wife was a recipient of his generous spirit. One cold winter night when her car broke down on the side of a rural road, he stopped by and gave her car a boost and then followed her home to ensure she and our kids got home safely. He never asked for a penny for his service. He did this without ever telling me and I only found out recently through my wife. That is from the heart. He may have been a bit rough around the edges but so are diamonds in their natural form. He encouraged people to interact with each other with mutual consideration. Many times he expressed frustration over someone not being treated well and when he could be there to help solve that, he made a point of it. Todd was truly an example of how one individual can make a difference. We at the Standard support the GoFundMe account that Mr. Fenney has launched (See page 8 for more details on this). Please don’t let a life that spent so much time considering others be neglected in this last opportunity to honour his. Given that Todd’s interaction within the community involved helping people get to their destination, we feel it is fully appropriate to help him get to his. For those who wish to pay their last respects a Graveside Service will be held at the Bowmanville Cemetery on Wednesday November 13th, at 1 p.m. Following the interment, all are invited to proceed together to a reception at Garnet B. Rickard Centre, which will be held from 2 to 4 p.m. Arrangements have been entrusted to Northcutt Elliott Funeral Home, located at 53 Division Street in Bowmanville. He will be missed. Travel safely.

Sincerely Todd Green Editor, The Standard News

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