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Durham Region encourages residents to drink more tap water

COURTNEY McCLURE, for The Standard

NORTH DURHAM: At the start of the pandemic, many people were buying plastic water bottles. They were buying water bottles by the case; typically, multiple cases at a time.

MyDurhamWater is a new hashtag started by the Region of Durham. If you’re thinking about buying more plastic water bottles, the Region asks you to think again. They are encouraging Durham residents to choose Durham water instead. According to their website, residents can enjoy clean, fresh and reliable tap water.

The Regional Municipality of Durham Work’s Department is responsible for treating and distributing safe clean drinking water throughout the Region. According to Durham Region’s website, the Region is home to some of the world’s best tap water. Here are the steps the Region is taking to ensure residents living in Durham have access to safe drinking water.

They have a “sophisticated system processing the water.” Then the Durham Work’s Department tests the water to make sure it’s free from bacteria. Their staff also monitors the water plants scattered throughout the municipality. But the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks is ultimately responsible for inspecting the water plants.

The top three reasons to use tap water over plastic water bottles, as outlined by Durham Region, include: Durham Region’s tap water is clean and safe; Using tap water for drinking is environmentally friendly because you can use a reusable container; And finally, it’s inexpensive.

The water treatment plants throughout Durham distribute water via an underground system. Residents have noticed reservoirs, storage towers and pumping stations within the community. These reservoirs and towers are all a part of the water distribution process. Their existence ensures water is always available.

There are 21 storage facilities throughout the Region. They are there to meet public usage demand and for fire emergencies. There are 17 pumping stations throughout the Region and 2,470 kilometres of water mains.

If residents have any questions about Durham Region’s water cleaning and distribution system, they are asked to contact the Works Department. They can be reached by phone, at 905-688-7711.

World Water Day was March 22nd, let’s celebrate the clean water we have without filling our landfill sites with plastic bottles.

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