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Door-to-Door Food Drive

HEATHER KIRBY, Executive Director, Kawartha Lakes Food Source

KAWARTHA LAKES: Over the past six months, as the pandemic has forced a strange new normal, many felt the sting of being suddenly laid off and many who have never used a food bank reached out for the first time. In order to adapt, Kawartha Lakes Food Source (KLFS) had to rethink how we gather food donations that support our 10 member food banks. We aim to make sure that everyone has a Thanksgiving free of hunger despite the recent challenges, and so KLFS is unveiling their plan for gathering Thanksgiving donations in a safe, socially distanced way; a Door-to-Door Food Drive. Food drives of a similar nature were wildly successful in past years! The last such drive collected over 10,000 pounds of non-perishable food items, a goal we hope to reach again. With our member food banks seeing an increase in client visits over the month of August and with government aids like the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) ending soon, Kawartha Lakes Food Source is bracing for an uncertain future. To meet the anticipated need, this Thanksgiving Door-to-Door Food Drive is more important than ever. The Thanksgiving Door-to-Door Food Drive will take place on Saturday, September 26th and Saturday, October 3rd between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. The town of Lindsay will be split in half along Colborne Street. All homes located on Colborne Street and north of Colborne Street will be picked up on Saturday, September 26th while all homes south of Colborne Street will be picked up Saturday, October 3rd. On your designated day, we ask donors to leave your donation in a plastic bag on your porch before 10 a.m. and volunteers will safely gather your donation. To all residents who are able to donate, the distribution centre is running low on a variety of items that would be appreciated: baby formula, muffin mix, canned cranberries, boxed stuffing, boxed or canned potatoes, pasta and pasta sauce (alfredo and tomato), Kraft Dinner, and canned meats like ham, chicken or salmon. With an estimated 10,000 homes to reach over the course of the two days, many helping hands are needed. “At the beginning of the pandemic we had many people reach out to volunteer, but we had no way to capitalize on that goodwill with so many restrictions in place,” said KLFS Community Engagement Coordinator, Kate Dorotheou. “It may be a couple months after the height of the pandemic, but we could really use that help now.” To help pick up donations, for more information on when you can expect your donation to be picked up, or for information on how to donate financially should that feel more comfortable, you can contact Kate at KLFS. You can reach her at, by calling 705-324-0707 or you can watch our Facebook and Instagram, @KawarthaLakesFoodSource, for updates.

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