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Culture Days in Scugog this month

SCUGOG: Scugog residents are invited to celebrate Culture Days in late September. “Culture Days is a nationwide celebration of arts and culture. It takes place on the last weekend of September. This is the tenth anniversary. Communities across Canada will put on participatory events for the public to engage with and learn more about the arts and culture that already lives in their communities,” Culture Days Coordinator Melissa Rada told The Standard. “Expect exciting demonstrations and engaging workshops.” Scugog’s arts celebration will take place from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Saturday, September 28th. There will be a hub of events along Perry St. between North Street and Queen Street in Port Perry throughout the day. Events will be held in other areas across the township. Some things already scheduled for culture days include encaustic painting and saori weaving demonstrations, a workshop with Paula Lishman on how to create “fur-get-me-nots” and a special Port Perry hospital exhibit. “We have partnered with [the Port Perry Hospital Foundation] to do a ceiling tile project, so local artists will be painting ceiling tiles ahead of time, and we will display them at Culture Days. It’s also an opportunity for the public to sponsor a tile,” Ms. Rada explained. She also spoke about how the public benefits from culture days. “They’ll get to learn more about the artists here, and art techniques they’ve never heard of before,” Ms. Rada said. There are a couple of guidelines Culture Days activities need to meet. “To be eligible, activities must be participatory or interactive and free for the public,” read a press release from the Scugog Council for the Arts. All Culture Days events are free. For more information, visit To register an event at a personal location, visit

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