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Cross-Country meet results for Good Shepherd Catholic school

COURTNEY McCLURE, for The Standard

SCUGOG: Over 60 students from Good Shepherd Catholic Elementary School participated at the cross country meet held at Lakeridge Ski Resort. The meet at Lakeridge took place on October 5th.

There were seven schools at the Lakeridge meet this year. A few students won medals and placed in the top three in their grade and gender division. The students include:

Gr. 3 Girls – Lacey, 1st, Evolee, 2nd Gr. 3 Boys – Easton, 1st Gr. 4 Boys – Chris, 1st; Isaac, 2nd, Connor, 3rd Gr. 5 Girls – Alice, 1st, Summer 3rd Gr. 5 Boys – Zachary, 1st Gr. 6 Girls – Julia 1st, Norah 3rd Gr. 6 Boys – William, 2nd Gr. 7 Girls – Vivien, 1st, Melody 2nd Gr. 7 Boys – Liam 3rd Gr. 8 Girls – Darcie 2nd, Dora 3rd Gr. 8 Boy – Sammy 1st

“It’s pretty exciting,” said the teacher-librarian, Elisa De Swert, who is also the Cross Country Coach for Good Shepherd, “We don’t usually get that many medals in our small school.”

“Their dedication and hard work was really awesome,” she added.

Ms. De Swert said the team usually gets about 30 to 40 students attending. This year, there were about 80 students who came out to practice with the cross-country team. But not all the students were able to make it to the meet at Lakeridge.

“[It was] so exciting just to be able to do this and participate,” she explained.

Students haven’t had a lot of activity for a while, so the event and winning medals was exhilarating for the students on the cross-country team at Good Shepherd. They practice for their meets all year round.

Before boarding the bus, students had to be arranged so they could keep a safe distance away from each other. There were a few guidelines the students had to follow while at the meet as well.

The cross-country team has been practising for this meet since September. This was the team’s first and final run for the season. The rest of the meets were cancelled because of Covid-19.

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