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Coping With Loss

Former members of ours passed away due to serious medical problems. It got me wondering about the process of grief and how to cope with a major loss in life. We have all suffered a loss in our life. It can take a toll on our mental and physical health when we don’t work through it. I chose to dedicate this article to those who have suffered a loss. My purpose is to help others find what works for them in order to work through their grief. First and foremost, we all respond differently in these situations. So what works for one person may not work for another. After losing my grandmother, years ago, my first response was anger. I was upset because I wasn’t there when she passed. You may feel that sense of anger for the same reasons. suggests that acknowledging your grief is the first step to overcoming it. If your mental health is being affected here’s how it affects you physically: • Nausea • Lowered immunity • Weight loss or weight gain • Aches and pains • Insomnia • Fatigue Looking after your self through this grieving process is encouraged. A few suggestions are: 1) Talk to a therapist or counsellor 2) Try to maintain your hobbies or interests 3) Look after your physical health 4) Express your feelings in a creative way The mind and body are connected. Staying physically active helps you cope emotionally. Staying engaged socially also nurtures a strong support system with family and friends. We all process grief differently. It’s important to find what works for you. You have healthy options that can support mental, emotional and physical wellness. This is dedicated to Laurie and Brian. We will miss you. All our love to their families at this time.

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