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Construction on the Perryview Stormwater Management Facility


The Standard

SCUGOG: As of late June 2022, most of the construction for Perryview Stormwater Management Facility has not been completed yet.

The final stages of grading and landscaping are currently ongoing because of various weather conditions.

“We apologize for any inconvenience and request the public’s ongoing patience and cooperation,” wrote the Township of Scugog.

The Township is aiming for landscaping and grading to be finished by late July. Grading includes the reconstruction of many pathways throughout the designated area.

According to the project engineer, Kevin Dwyer, the Stormwater Facility Management is an “engineered pond.” The pond treats stormwater runoff, from urban areas, before it reaches a wetland.

The retrofit for the Perryview Stormwater Management Facility was reviewed and approved sometime between 2019 and 2021, and the construction started last year in 2021.

According to the presentation, Mr. Dwyer and other staff members presented to Scugog Council, the original area consisted of two separate “cells.” These cells were described, within the presentation, as a “dry pond” and a “wet pond.”

The wet pond is designed to provide erosion and [water] quality control. The dry pond’s purpose is to provide flood control, for storms up to a ‘100 year storm event.’

Every Stormwater Facility requires frequent or regular maintenance. This helps the Facility operate at its best.

Maintenance of the existing Facility at Perryview requires a few things from the Township of Scugog. All vegetation existing within the dry pond must be removed. It restricts the water’s flow and reduces the pond’s flood storage. The wet pond would also have to be drained. Draining will help facilitate the removal of aquatic vegetation laying below the waterline. Both of these conditions, if not addressed, could result in reducing the effective size of these ponds.

An undersized Facility means the water quality is most likely poor. It also means the ‘waterbody’ may become eroded over time. With an undersized system, the chances of Simcoe Street and residential basement flooding increase.

According to Mr. Dwyer, the previous Perryview Stormwater Management Facility needed a retrofit for a few reasons. One of the reasons was to accommodate future developments, along with existing ones in the Perryview area.

A lot of maintenance was required to maintain the previous Facility. A retrofit brings the Stormwater Facility up to ‘current design standards,’ according to the presentation.

The trails near the Stormwater Facility will also be made accessible and meet the Township’s standards.

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