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Construction controversy in Scugog Township

COURTNEY McCLURE, for The Standard

SCUGOG: Did you hear about the proposed townhouses going up in Port Perry? These townhouses are supposed to be built at the northwest corner of King and Simcoe Street.

But there are some controversies surrounding the construction. Many residents have looked into this development plan and found “holes”. Longtime resident of Port Perry, Robin Cornish was one of these residents.

Mr. Cornish attended the public meeting, hosted by the Township of Scugog, on February 14th, 2022.

He and his wife, Cheryl, live close to this proposed development.

“We are opposing the density of it [the project],” explained Mr. Cornish, adding, “It’s extremely high-density.”

The application for this development includes the construction of 33 dual frontage houses, 36 back-to-back townhouses and 10 street townhouses. The plan has also proposed road connections to King Street and Calwell Drive. Thus increasing traffic on local roads.

One of his concerns includes the lack of green space and space for children to play.

In 2019, the Township of Scugog did a noise and traffic study.

Mr. Cornish said, at that time, there weren’t as many developments along King Street when the noise study was taken. Therefore, the noise study doesn’t account for the new developments which have been built since the survey was taken.

“So, to me, that’s just a huge omission,” said Mr. Cornish. “And, yet, the Township is just very conveniently, ignoring that extremely relevant fact.”

In 2017, Magnum General Contracting (Daniel and Matthew MacInnis) acquired the land for this project. Since then, members of Magnum Development and Scott Waterhouse have been meeting with staff members from the Township of Scugog.

In 2019, they had a pre-consultation with the Township. This was before the submission of the application, according to Mr. Waterhouse.

This section of land “has a history” with the MacInnis family, and it was part of the original Perryview Drive subdivision. Matthew MacInnis was once a resident of Calwell Drive in Port Perry. He even raised his two children there, according to Mr. Waterhouse.

“Magnum is excited about the new townhouse project.”

Mr. Waterhouse said he, Daniel and Matthew MacInnis appreciate the feedback they’ve received from residents. He also said they will review these comments with the Township staff.

According to Robin Prentice, the manager of planning from the Township of Scugog, the Township will take this feedback into consideration as well.

For more information please visit the Township of Scugog’s website, at

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