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Connecting our community, building our economy

Peter Bethlenfalvy MPP, Pickering/Uxbridge

The Holidays are getting ever closer. I’m sure, like me, you’ve been spending a lot of time trekking through the cold to buy gifts for your loved ones and maybe an occasional hot chocolate for yourself. Travelling around our great community, and to-and-from other areas of the GTHA, it’s never been clearer to me how important transit is for the people of Pickering-Uxbridge and the long-term success of our community within Ontario. That’s why I’m excited about the investments the provincial government has been making in transit in Durham region and throughout our province. Whether it’s repairing highways or expanding subways, the coming years will see our community better connected and our economic potential unlocked. We’ll see quicker commutes and less gridlock; letting us all spend less time in transit and more time with those who matter most. In Durham Region, the provincial government is working to cut gridlock and improve the public transit commuters rely on every day. That means less time after work stuck behind the wheel, or on a crowded train, and more time at home with your family. It means businesses can more easily get goods to market and our community can take advantage of opportunities across the GTHA. The government has also invested in the highways which connect our community to those across Durham Region and Ontario. Repairs for Highway 401, in Pickering, are helping improve road safety, and the opening of another North/South connection, from the 407 to the 401, is helping people get where they’re going faster. On rail, we’re able to get to and from work quicker and more comfortably, thanks to additional coaches and expanded service to the GO Transit Lakeshore East Line. This means more choice and shorter wait times for you. Getting from the train to the heart of downtown has never been easier, thanks to early investment in the pedestrian bridge, to span Highway 401 from Pickering GO Station to Pickering Town Centre. Whether it’s on foot, public transit, or car, the ways we move around our community and connect to other parts of the GTHA and Ontario are improving, thanks to these important investments by the provincial government. In 2020 we will all benefit from a more connected community and province.

This holiday season, make sure to connect to those who matter most: our families, friends and loved one. And, as always, make sure to stay warm and have fun. From me and my family to you and yours, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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