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Choose the right golf attire

Golf is played by millions of people all over the world. Throughout warm-weather seasons, courses are filled with enthusiasts driving and putting their way through 18 holes.

While there is no fixed dress code for golf, there are certain guidelines that golfers must follow. These rules and regulations may vary from course to course. Public and municipal courses may have very few rules, while private courses or exclusive golf clubs may have restrictive dress codes.

The following are some good rules of thumb when heading to the course.

Bottoms: Men are advised to wear long pants made of cotton or polyester. Chinos typically are recommended. According to Golf Week, some clubs will permit men to wear jeans, but many do not. Dress shorts may be allowed if they have a pleated or flat front.

Similarly, women also should don long trousers. Capris or dress shorts also may be applicable. Many women opt for golf skirts, which are specially designed and cut on the front or side to enable motion in the golf swing.

Shirts: A collared shirt is the preferred attire when golfing. Opt for a polo shirt over a T-shirt. While there are newer mock or crew neck shirts endorsed by some pro golfers, golf courses will not necessarily permit players to wear them.

Women also are encouraged to wear polo shirts, though there is more flexibility in their shirt options, including sleeveless varieties. Modest shirts are highly encouraged, especially ones that will not expose the midriff. Men and women are encouraged to tuck in their shirts.

A degree of formality is evident in the game of golf, and that often is reflected in players' attire. Players should confirm dress code with their respective clubs or golf courses before hitting the links.

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