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Chimney Hill Way:<br>residents’ safety concerns


SCUGOG: Some local residents have various safety concerns regarding the proposed development near Chimney Hill Way, in Port Perry. These dwellings will be placed on a private condominium road near Chimney Hill Way.

The applicant has proposed the construction of 15 townhouses and one single-detached home. The townhouses will be between two and three storeys, and the single-detached houses will be two storeys.

Mrs. Sheehan, a resident of Chimney Hill Way, has many safety concerns regarding this proposed development. One of her main concerns is the additional traffic she fears the development may create. “Old Simcoe [Road] and Chimney Hill [Way] is a very busy intersection,” explained Mrs. Sheehan. She added, the crossing guard located at that intersection has difficulty trying to get cars to stop while they are passing through.

Manager of Planning for the Township of Scugog, Robin Prentice, said resident safety is the Township of Scugog’s top priority. According to her, the applicant has submitted a traffic impact report. Currently, the Township is reviewing the report, along with its peer consultant.

The applicant will also be conveying road widening blocks to the Township. Ms. Prentice said this would help “facilitate improvements” to the intersection of Old Simcoe Road and Chimney Hill Way. This will help align Chimney Hill Way with Bay Street, on the opposite side of Old Simcoe Road.

According to the development plan, one road leads into the townhouses and a single-dwelling section.

Mrs. Sheehan’s friend, who lives in Ancaster, Ontario, in a similar development, stated, “garbage trucks will not come onto that road because there is no room for them to turn around.”

It’s possible, residents from the development will have to put their garbage out onto Chimney Hill Way.

“It’s very, very windy there, so that means all the garbage is going to start blowing across the road,” said Mrs. Sheehan.

Scott Waterhouse, GHD Planning Manager, told The Standard, in response to this concern, “I can advise that the area [the] resident assumption regarding waste collection is not correct. The intention is for private waste collection for the proposed development, collected internal to the development site. There is no intention for waste collection [to occur] along Chimney Hill Way.”

A petition opposing this development has been started, and you can find the petition on, titled “Say NO to 3 story townhome condo community with private road onto Chimney Hill Way”. As of March 25th, the petition has received 174 signatures.

For more information about this development, please visit

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