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Changes are part of the learning process by Tina Y. Gerber

As time moves forward, everything around us changes. Life is always about perspective! It is a particular attitude or point of view, including the way we approach life. Our perspective influences everything from our attitude, our mindset, even our beliefs. Having a good perspective on life gives you an advantage because you are more open to change and seeing from other peoples’ points of view.

When I was growing, up in my life, our parents, grandparents and Church families had influence; life was simpler back then or so it seemed. Biblical grandparents were role models who taught us about living the Godly life, passing along their wisdom, values, and experiences. Many seniors lived in a world where they read the Bible and they attended Church on Sundays. When needing information, they went to the library or hung around the neighbourhood shops listening to the radio to find out what was happening in the world! They used a thing called maps to get from point A to point B! However, today, when you ask a senior they say, things were better because there was less technology, and families spent more time together! I don’t believe it was better, just different. But it was quieter, more easy to hear yourself think. You see, as I get older, my perspective also changes.

Today’s modern technology has left us with information overload! Clearly, one does not have to look far to find information about anything, whether the information is right or wrong! I believe the media delights in creating fear and anxiety through headlines, regardless of the negative health effects it may stimulate, because they sell their product(s). Modern technology isn’t changing us; it is changing society, as it has in the past. Social media makes it possible to see what’s going on at a distance, and smartphones make it possible to report things as they happen, so the many things which are going on get to us more rapidly and can impact us quicker.

However, God has given us His word so we might learn to live out his beautiful design. My parents and grandparents had a unique role and function and enthusiastically embraced God’s design. God’s design for grandparent(s) is one of love and caring. Somehow, these values or principles have slipped, in many cases, for many reasons, as we live in a more secular world!

Our worldview shapes the way we think, but for Christians, learning the Scriptures informs our thinking in a unique way. Imagine how different the world would be to see you’re worth through God’s eyes? I believe, God reigns supreme over our world, today, yesterday, as well as tomorrow. He knows exactly what is going on and this gives me great comfort and assurance, like the generations before me. God knows everything about us: our potential, strengths, weaknesses, our past and future. He has a plan for our lives, one which will be good for us and others, which will bring Him much glory and praise, even in this modern age. He continues to challenge us to use our time wisely, make big changes, and use every opportunity to grow and learn.

God is personally interested in us and wants to support us through every season of our lives. Why not invite the Lord to give you His perspective on Life?

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