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Casting your vote in the 2022 municipal election

On October 24th, or through advance voting opportunities, eligible voters in Ontario will head to the polls for the 2022 municipal election. As part of this process, eligible voters will have the chance to choose who will represent them, at the municipal level, for the next four years.

Voters in Durham Region will have the opportunity to vote for a Regional Chair, in addition to mayors, local and regional councillors, and school board trustees.

The Regional Chair is accountable to all 696,992 regional residents. This person is head of Durham Regional Council and Chief Executive Officer of the corporation; presides over all meetings of the Regional Council and Committee of the Whole; promotes and advances the Region; acts as a representative on various boards, committees and organizations; and works with 28 other councillors to make a final decision on the Region’s yearly budget (about $2.2 billion). To learn more about the duties of the Regional Chair, please visit

It is important to note, even though the Regional Chair is a Regional position, area municipalities conduct the election in their specific city/town. Voting results are reported to the Regional Clerk, who then prepares a summary of the vote and announces the successful candidate.

Depending on the municipality, votes may be cast via mail, telephone, internet or in person. Eligible electors are encouraged to contact the local municipality directly (there are eight total in Durham Region) to learn more about voting methods, dates and locations. To learn more about Regional elections, please visit

Ashleigh McGill

Communications Advisor

Office of the CAO, Corporate Communications Office

The Regional Municipality of Durham

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