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Canada Post possibly moving Port Perry post office

DAN CEARNS, The Standard

SCUGOG: Canada Post is looking at potentially relocating the Port Perry Post office from its present site on Queen Street.

A recent notice on the post office door carries this message, if the post office “does move, the new location will be within a two-kilometre radius from here, so that we can continue to provide local residents and businesses with convenient and accessible postal service.”

In an emailed statement to The Standard, Canada Post’s communications department explained why the postal service is looking at possibly moving their location.

“We regularly review our network, finding ways to improve operations, enhance customer experience, remain competitive and provide relevant postal service for all Canadians. We are looking at relocating the post office, currently located at 192 Queen Street in Port Perry. We anticipate a new and modern facility would better meet our needs and improve customer experience, should we relocate within a planned two-kilometre radius of its current location.”

However, the statement pointed out, “the Queen Street building would continue to serve [their] operations team, if the retail services are relocated.”

“Through Canada Post’s regular process, in these instances, we work with our customers and community representatives, regarding their post office and postal services. Last week, we began the month-long community consultation process. We provided handouts to our customers, through their postal boxes and at the counter, to advise them of the potential relocation and seek their feedback. As we are still in the preliminary stages, we are not yet able to speak further about our plans. We will provide updates to Port Perry residents, as soon as they become available,” the statement concluded.

Scugog Chamber of Commerce’s Executive Director, Karey Anne Large said, the chamber doesn’t have a comment on this matter at this time, as they have “not had a direct conversation with the Post Office or Canada Post.” However, she wanted to “encourage the business community to follow the link provided and give their feedback to Canada Post.”

The link, to provide comments online, on the potential relocation is

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