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Calming the “Anxiety Brain”

It’s easy to worry about what is happening all around us. I used to get overanxious and worry about things that hadn’t happened yet. I called it my “anxiety brain”. One small problem would then trigger the next problem. It was a constant loop that kept playing over in my mind. You can learn to master your mind and change the negativity into something positive. 1. Constructive Outlets: When I felt my anxiety was getting the best of me, I had to find some way of exerting that energy. This would help me calm down. A few of my outlets include exercise, writing or painting. I found an hour or so later; I was much clearer about the solution to my problem. 2. Be In Control: I usually found that my anxiety would get worse if I felt out of control in my life. If the situation were particularly stressful, I felt the need to try to control the world around me. I learned you cannot control anyone but yourself. 3. The Problem Isn’t So Big: I believe a problem is only as big as you make it. I look at all the information in front of me. I look at the facts instead of giving in to fear. There’s always a solution to a problem. 4. One Crisis at a Time: One of the biggest lessons I learned was to take things one step at a time. You can’t fix a problem overnight. You have the power to take constructive steps in order to find a solution. 5. Practice: Learning how to manage your anxiety takes practice. When you deal with a tough situation, try these steps and see if they work for you. Let’s practice positivity!

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