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BYC High School Business Idea Pitch Competition Goes Virtual

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BROCK: Considering the circumstances worldwide, the annual Dragon’s Den style Business Idea Pitch competition run by Building Youth Capacity (BYC) is going virtual. The COVID-19 pandemic arrived with one high school remaining to complete the semi-final competitions, and to provide students from each of the three North Durham high schools the opportunity to pitch their business idea to a panel of judges, a new approach was needed. “We completed the Brock High School competition online Wednesday, March 25th; this has been a great learning opportunity for competitors and judges alike. Plans for the final competition are now being put into place for a virtual event,” shared Lois Shaw, Executive Director of BYC. “Thanks for your support of BYC and please contact, Lois Shaw, Executive Director of BYC, me should you have questions on the pitch competition or our programs.” You can reach Lois by phone at 705-809-0030 or connect through their website at


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