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Brock Township Public Library Wins Durham 2022 Accessibility Award


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BROCK: The Brock Township Public Library has won the Durham 2022 Accessibility Award. The Library has three branches located in Cannington, Sunderland and Beaverton.

“It’s a great honour to see the staff in the library are recognized for [implementing] accessibility [accommodations],” stated the Brock Township Public Library CEO, Katie-Scarlet MacGillivray.

Ms. MacGillivray started working at the Public Library in March of 2022.

“We have an amazing library team,” said Ms. MacGillivray. “They really care about the community.”

She also added, the staff at the library are mindful of providing needed resources to visitors and ensuring they get what they need.

Whether a visitor would like an ebook or audiobook, the library staff will make sure the visitor receives as much assistance as needed.

“It was a great opportunity for the staff to see the great work they’ve done in helping the community,” she explained.

They receive phenomenal support from the Brock Public Township Library Board and the Brock community. The library board has a sub-committee focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion. The committee is “very focused” on making sure the library is accessible for everyone within Brock Township.

“I think the [Library] Board’s direction really empowers and motivates [the library] staff,” Ms. MacGillivray shared.

Receiving the Accessibility Award has been encouraging for the library staff members. It confirms they are on the “right track,” helping the community, said Ms. MacGillivray.

During the pandemic, the library moved many children’s programs online, offered curbside pick-up for books and allowed the public to use their wi-fi hubs.

The Brock Township Public Library also has the option to lend visitors wi-fi hotspots. These devices can be taken home and used to access the internet, if the individual needs access to a reliable internet connection in their home.

Currently, the library still offers curbside pick-up.

According to Ms. MacGillivray, there aren’t as many visitors using the curbside pick-up as when the pandemic was in full swing. But, library staff wanted to ensure people still have the option, if they are uncomfortable visiting the library in person.

You can also register for a library card online at the Brock Township Public Library.

However, you will only have access to the library’s digital materials when you physically visit the library and receive a physical library card.

This is a great way to allow everyone in the community to enjoy what the library offers.

The Brock Township Public Library continues to meet the communities needs accordingly, providing community members with what they are looking for at the library.

To see the full list of Durham 2022 Accessibility Award recipients, please visit the Region of Durham website, at

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