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Brock is calling all charities as applications open for annual golf tournament fundraiser


BROCK: The township recently announced the details of the annual Golf Tournament fundraiser, as well as a call for all interested charities to submit an application to be considered for funding through the annual event.

The municipal golf tournament fundraiser is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and to date, has contributed close to $250,000 towards local youth-oriented projects, in every corner of the municipality. This year’s tournament is slated to be held at Cedarhurst Golf Club, in Beaverton, on Thursday, June 20th.

In a press release, the municipality noted, applications can now be accessed through the Township of Brock website, and, all applications must include details regarding estimated costs, other fundraising efforts, expected completion dates and the expected benefits for youth and the community.

Additionally, the township included a comprehensive list of criteria, for projects seeking funding through golf tournament proceeds, including:

- Youth-oriented projects only

- To be completed by local non-profit organizations or groups within or serving the residents of the Township of Brock

- An innovative project which promotes health, wellness, and physical activity for youth (with general operating costs excluded)

- Projects will only be funded to a maximum of 50 percent, with the remainder required to be completed through other fundraising efforts

- A maximum award of $2,500

- Proof of expenditure must be provided upon completion of the project

- The project must be completed within 18 months of the awarding of golf tournament funds

The deadline, for applications to be submitted, is Friday, March 1st, at 4 p.m. For additional information and to access an application for funding, please visit the Township of Brock website.

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