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Brock Fire Department urges residents to leave fireworks to experts


BROCK: As Victoria Day approaches, this weekend, the Brock Fire Department is urging residents to prioritize safety by attending professional fireworks displays, instead of opting for family fireworks or informal neighbourhood shows. Recognizing the inherent dangers of amateur fireworks, Brock Fire is emphasizing the importance of adhering to safety protocols and obtaining necessary permits.

For those still intent on hosting their own displays, Brock’s Fire Department is stressing the need for responsibility and caution. Adults, well-versed in safety precautions, should handle and discharge fireworks, following label directions meticulously. Keeping water sources nearby and ensuring the fireworks are a safe distance from combustible materials are crucial measures to prevent accidents.

Additionally, only one firework should be lit at a time, with duds safely disposed of after a waiting period and being immersed in water. Wind conditions must be carefully assessed, to avoid hazards. Sparklers, while popular, should be kept away from children, due to their high temperature and burn potential.

In the event of a burn injury, immediate cooling with water is recommended, followed by medical attention, if necessary.

By prioritizing safety and adhering to guidelines, residents can enjoy Victoria Day festivities responsibly. For more information and resources, visit the Township of Brock website. Let’s ensure this holiday weekend is marked by celebration, not accidents.

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