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Bobcaygeon Kinettes support world-class imaging at Ross Memorial Hospital

KIM COULTER, Communications Specialist, Ross Memorial Hospital Foundation

BOBCAYGEON: The Kinette Club of Bobcaygeon members take to heart their mission to serve the community’s greatest needs. Thanks to their tireless efforts over the past 25 years, the list of community organizations and causes they’ve supported is long, and the number of people impacted by their generosity and volunteerism is even longer.

In 2021, the Kinettes recognized that the challenges of the pandemic made their work even more important, and they doubled their efforts to host safe community events and fundraising initiatives.

The Ross Memorial Hospital Foundation is profoundly grateful for the Kinettes’ support for advanced diagnostic imaging through their gifts for two priority projects at RMH.

This month, members sent their gift of $2,000 for the Make This Your Moment holiday appeal supporting the cost of a new MRI. This is in addition to the $2,000 gift the Kinettes made in the spring to support the cost of the community’s new CT Scanner.

Current hospital funding priorities include a new CT Scanner and a new MRI machine, both of which reached end-of-life after ten years of near-constant use. Access to this precision imaging technology is imperative for patients’ timely diagnosis and treatment. The community’s new CT scanner was installed in June, and work is underway to acquire the new MRI. The cost of these advanced diagnostic tools, $4 million, is not covered through provincial health funding.

“Through their exceptional support for both the MRI and CT Scanner, the Kinette Club of Bobcaygeon is enhancing the Ross Team’s ability to treat patients’ injuries and disease, and give them their best chance for better health,” said Erin Coons, RMH Foundation CEO. “Their involvement, through their events and their support for community needs, impacts more than their friends and family in Bobcaygeon. Their generosity touches people throughout the City of Kawartha Lakes and beyond.”

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