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BLACKSTOCK by Tammy Phillips

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter long weekend. Like many, I seem to have lost all track of time and was remiss in expressing my well wishes in last week’s column.

Speaking of timing, many will be thinking about getting this year’s gardens started. The Blackstock Co-op Nursery School (BCNS) has launched its Plantables School Fundraising Program for Spring 2021.

This is about as pandemic safe as a fundraiser can get with the delivery of herbs, fruit and vegetable plants directly to your front door.

Visit the Plantables website directly at Select your choice of garden-ready herbs, fruit and vegetables.

Be sure to enter the code: BCNS2021 at checkout. Then choose your delivery week, and your plants are delivered to your front door! BCNS receives ten percent from every order.

The “Second Annual Spring Into Happiness” is in full swing with a “Flower Foraging” theme. I’ve seen many decorated windows around town already.

Join in the fun by putting up a single flower, covering your window in a full bouquet, or just go for a stroll around the neighbourhood.

News and items for consideration can be emailed to by noon on the Monday prior to publication date.

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