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Better safe than sorry

Despite missing sports, I feel like the decision by leagues like NHL, NBA and MLS to suspend their seasons was the right one. At a time like this, with the COVID-19 coronavirus a pandemic, to make sure this doesn’t get worse, people need to work together, and follow recommended procedures. This includes not interacting with the number of fellow fans you would see at a sporting event. With multiple leagues commonly occupying the same facility in different cities, halting sports action to protect athletes from catching the virus is wise. But there are also ways people can make an impact to slow down the transmission of this virus. For one, if you feel symptoms of this virus, or of a flu or cold, if you don’t need to don’t go into work or into the community. As I mentioned above, the best way to not spread a sickness is simply to interact with the least number of people, objects or surfaces as possible. Despite how you feel about the virus, whether you think it is an over hyped or not, be considerate of those like seniors, people with chronic illnesses or even other demographics who just simply don’t want to get sick. If you feel sick, just take the time you need to recover, and take precautions so you don’t make others sick. If you have symptoms of the virus, call the Durham Region Health Department or your healthcare provider. Speaking of being considerate of others, I’m asking people to please halt buying items such as toilet paper and hand sanitizer in bulk during this time. Recently, while shopping in Port Perry, I noticed the majority of local grocery stores had empty aisles for these items. I read the reports of similar shortages in other areas in Canada and the United States, but I never thought the same issue would happen in a small town like Port Perry. I understand the need to prepare, just in case you need to spend more time at home but when people buy excessive amounts of anything it doesn’t leave enough for many other people in a community. So while you are shopping please be considerate of those who need the same product. To make sure you don’t spread the virus to others, there are simple measures you can take to make it less likely you will catch it in the first place. Frequently wash your hands, avoid touching your face, and regularly clean surfaces you interact with. At this time, it is best to remain calm, do what we can to remain healthy and make sure we think of others.

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