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Barber Rick Stylist soon to become Ferreri Barbershop


SCUGOG: Phil Ferreri is the new owner of Ricks Barbershop. He also has a location in Lakefield, which he has run for 30 years.

When asked why Phil chose to open a branch in Port Perry, he responded, “Port Perry is very similar to Lakefield. The demographic and clientele is very similar. I chose Rick’s because, number one, he wanted to sell it, and number two, his clientele pretty much matched my own in Lakefield. It has that old small-town feel, but it is closer to the GTA, so it’s got a bit of a mix. So I chose Port Perry.”

The Standard asked, because Phil’s father is also a barber did this effect his career choice. He replied, “It’s a funny story. I was actually in the Italian Culinary Arts Program at George Brown College, and my gut told me to get out of it. I just had a feeling I didn’t want to do that for the rest of my life. But I didn’t know what to do in the interim, so I decided to learn my dad’s trade until I figured it out. My dad came from Sicily, and he was a barber. He taught me the trade.”

Charlie the Barber has joined Phil at his new location. It turns out Charlie’s dad is also Sicilian and a barber. They have 68 years of talent, skill, and experience between the two of them.

“I like conversing with people. I like making them feel and look good. I like all aspects of it.” said Phil when asked what he loves about being a barber.

Phil’s goal is to create a fusion, where old tradition meets modern. They offer classic barbering, including hot shaves, and they can create any haircut there is. “We are a true barbershop. We are not like a salon with a barber pole out front. We cut men’s hair very well, and we are really good at it. I just want everyone to know it and come and give us a try,” Phil explained.

The business name will be changing from Barber Rick’s to Ferreri Barbershop, but they will be keeping the old phone number. They are located at 94D Water Street in downtown Port Perry. You can book your appointment by calling 905-985-1998.

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