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Backyard Chicken Survey

Township of Brock

The Council of the Township of Brock wants to hear your feedback on the possibility of permitting chickens to be kept in backyards in urban areas. The municipality's current bylaws prohibit residents in urban residential areas from keeping backyard chickens. Currently, the bylaw states that only properties deemed rural may keep backyard chickens. Many other municipalities have considered the issue of backyard or urban chickens with varying results.

Some municipalities choose not to permit chickens in urban residential areas, others have implemented pilot projects, while others have permitted hen keeping while imposing various restrictions. The Township is currently reviewing the possibility of a pilot project to permit the keeping of chickens in residential areas for the personal consumption of eggs.

Please Note: The Township of Brock is currently in the data-gathering stage; the Township will not proceed with any decision to implement a pilot project until the risks of Avian Flu have passed. The survey can be found at

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