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Advantages to working with a financial planner

Investing requires some measure of risk. Risk understandably makes people nervous, especially in regard to their finances. Investing is an important component of securing your financial future, and the risk involved with investing should never prevent you from putting your money to work. Many people, including both novice and experienced investors, overcome their fears about investing and risk by working with certified financial planners, who can do a lot more than make suggestions.

Financial planners can make sense of complex products. Financial jargon can be hard to understand for those who do not work in finance. Financial planners simplify the complex array of products available to their clients, helping them understand each of their options as well as which of those options is best for them.

Financial planners can expand your investment options. Financial planners sometimes have access to products that are not directly available to everyone. Some financial product providers work exclusively through intermediaries (i.e., planners), so working with a financial planner can give investors more options in regard to how to invest their money.

Financial planners do the legwork. Even seasoned investors with a firm grasp of financial products and services may not have the time to stay up on all the latest investment options. Financial planners do so for a living. A good planner will inform his or clients of the latest products available and then help clients decide if such products are right for them. That’s a lot of work that busy professionals often do not have the time to do on their own.

Financial planners are certified. Investors should only work with certified financial planners. Certification standards vary by country, but certified planners have been vetted by third party organizations and have met rigorous professional standards. In addition, to maintain their certification, certified planners are required to provide their clients with straightforward advice and put clients’ needs ahead of their own. Those that don’t could be held financially accountable for providing misinformation or bad advice to clients. Investing is complicated, and many investors find working with certified financial planners is an effective way to secure their financial futures.

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