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A Moment of Thanks

Welcome to October! Much like you, I am grateful to get back to somewhat normal. Now that I’ve fallen back in to a routine, it makes me appreciate the little things I’ve missed. Being that, Thanksgiving is around the corner, I thought I’d take some time to discuss all the things I am thankful for. The first thing which comes to mind is being able to go back to work. Being off since March, I hadn’t experienced that much time off in my entire life. I looked at it as a necessary break for my body and mind. I am thankful for the time off, yet I am also happy to be feeling purposeful at work. Like most of you, I experienced some financial strain. While money certainly doesn’t dictate my level of happiness, it is nice to be able to afford small luxuries, again. We often take for granted the simple joys of treating ourselves and others. What this has also taught me is, most of the things that make us happy don’t require spending money. For me personally, it has put in to perspective what is most important in life. I am thankful to be able to get back to the gym! I spent most of my time exercising at home. The day I came back to the gym, it felt so good to see my friends. I missed that sense of friendship and camaraderie; I didn’t realize how much I missed it. You tend not to realize what you have until it is taken away. Perhaps we can look at our lives with a bit more appreciation and gratefulness. I know for me it helps me appreciate and value the simple joys in life. Here’s to being Thankful for simple pleasures! Yours in good health.

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