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2023 hope

2023 has started, and right now, there is potential for all sorts of things to happen this year. But, one thing I hope isn’t held this year is another election.

As many news outlets reported back in December, the federal NDP has threatened to pull out of their agreement to support the governing Liberal party in this minority government, if there is no movement on the country-wide healthcare crisis. If this happens and there is a non-confidence motion triggered in the near future, Canada could be in for another election. This is not what the electorate or country needs right now.

In the last two years, there have already been three elections. In 2021, there was a federal election. Last year saw both the provincial and municipal elections held. And in the latter two of those elections, voters sent a clear message to governments. The provincial and municipal elections both had lower than usual voter turnout, and in the case of the municipal elections, there were many more acclamations than expected. Voter fatigue is real, and I think all residents just need a break from elections and from politics in general.

Also, after a few years of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been projections the provinces and the Canadian economy are headed for an economic recession. If this is the case, Canadians will need certainty regarding who is leading them through this time with steady leadership at the helm to get through a recession. The last thing the economy needs or the market needs is uncertainty at this time.

And speaking of money, elections are expensive. The last two federal elections have cost the Canadian government between $500 million and $600 million. Governments have to hire election staff, there are costs to create ballots and polling station supplies, and there are costs to use Canada Post, if ballots need to be mailed to voters.

The last few years have been a polarizing time for all Canadians. Pandemic measures have been controversial, and residents have already had to endure three election campaigns in two years. Not to mention, there were also a couple of federal party leadership races last year. Here’s my message to Canada’s federal government: work together this year and avoid dragging the country through yet another election campaign.

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