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Geoff Carpentier

Geoff Carpentier is a published author, ecotour guide and environmental consultant.

Get Those Bird Feeders Up

The last few days have been really exciting, bird-wise, as hawks, ducks, geese, loons and many small passerines (e.g. kinglets, sparrows and finches) are on the move! Winter is coming whether we like it or not and those hardy...

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North Durham Nature hosted a mushroom walk last weekend. No, that’s not where you take your pet mushroom for a walk! We visited some trails near Uxbridge looking for different types of mushrooms, both poisonous and edible. We...

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Japanese Beetles

This has been an odd summer, as so many insects appear in perilously low numbers, while others appear in abundance. But why is it the ones that cause the most damage, or are the most annoying, are the ones that seem to dominate...

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